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Enjoy Shobara with an E-Bike!

This cycling tour will show you the many attractions of Shobara.
Recommended cycling routes will be introduced, including guided cycling.
Stop by at various locations and enjoy the many attractions of Shobara.

(1) Guided tours for Choja-ya guests

10km and 20km courses, taking into consideration the participants' physical strength and time.
The course will take you around the Satoyama landscape of Mitsugaichi and the town of Hiwa.
The tour will include talks about mountain castles, Tatara iron manufacturing, Kanna remnants, Hiba beef, sake rice, and the Kojiki.

For more information: https://yamap.com/activities/2730782

(2) Nanatsukahara Plateau Cycling Model Course

Guided tours are also available.
Japan's first "National Stallion Farm," which became the foundation for the promotion of dairy farming and livestock farming in Hiroshima Prefecture, was established in 1903 at Nanatsukahara Plateau by the Livestock Experiment and Research Institute.
Poplar trees and bulls can sometimes be seen. ( Maybe restricted to prevent BSE) 
Milk dumplings were invented by the first owner of Izumi Kouwado, who wanted to make nourishing sweets using milk as the main ingredient.
The milk dumplings are made by mixing milk with rice flour, sugar, syrup, and honey without using a drop of water. It is a souvenir that represents the northern part of the prefecture.
Information on Hiba beef. Information on Kunikane Pond (the human pillar of Okuni and Okane).

For more information: https://yamap.com/activities/3116799


Cycling Tour


Reservation required


(1)Hiywa Satoyama Cycling
(2)Nanatsukahara Plateau Cycling

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